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 Some Freshness...

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MessageSujet: Re: Some Freshness...   Sam 2 Avr - 19:24

ICP a récemment annoncé furtivement sur facebook et sur le site offficiel (message effacé peu de temps après) qu'ils cherchaient des Juggalos résidant à Los Angeles pour un projet video secret, il se trouve que Faygoluvers à reçu un témoignage:

Citation :
Well we were lucky enough to have one of our readers be able to attend the "Top Secret" Event, and he sent a very detailed email about everything that went down! Oh yeah, it's a good one! Here's the email that was sent:

From: Marta D
Subject: TOP SECRET Psychopathic Event

I was able to attend the Top Secret Event, only about 50 Juggalos were lucky enough to attend, it was for an episode for 1000 Ways to Die. It was about a guy dressed as a clown (non juggalo) going to an ICP concert, the song that ICP are performing while the episode was being filmed is "In Yo Face". The guy dressed as the clown makes his way to the front of the stage amid suspicious Juggalos looking at him, some Juggalos even confront him because we know he does not belong there. The guy dressed as the clown makes it to the front of the stage and gets hit by an unmarked 2 liter Faygo bottle on his head by Violent J. The guy dressed as the clown falls down and then gets up very angry and makes his way to the power outlet that is on the side of the stage. He pulls the plug but since the stage was soaked in Faygo he gets electrocuted. ICP along with Corp Robinson surround him and say "Its the hater, I think he is dead". They then yell at him "In Yo Face". ICP then continues the performance.

The director of Big Money Rustlas (Paul Andresen) was also there and was helping the director get some shots for the episode like 80% Juggalos in attendance were not aware of this because they were too much in awe of all that was going on and ICP or the 1000 Ways to Die people did not tell anyone that he directed Big Money Rustlas, my nephew knew it was him because Violent J called him by his name and since my nephew is a HUGE ICP fan he knew who he was.

My friend took a whole bunch of pictures of the event, inside and out but due to contract reasons we cannot make any pictures public until the episode airs on television. I advise you to be careful about posting any pictures Juggalos may send you from this event because the people from 1000 Ways to Die made everyone sign a waiver and they said they would take legal action if anyone violated the thing. They said that the segment that was being filmed was was going to be aired for the last episode of the season for 1000 Ways to Die. I advise you to get your Tivo ready for that day.

I'm pretty sure you can tell people about this event, they only thing they said was that we could not make any pictures public until after the episode airs.

I will be sure to forward you all of the pics once the episode airs so you can post them on your site. We took a huge group pic of all the Juggalos that attended as well as pictures with ICP and Corp as well as the Director of Big Money Rustlas and a few people from 1000 Ways to Die.

Much Love fam... Hope your weekend is going to be cool....

Apparemment c'est un show TV connu aux Etats-Unis (une tété réalité?) intitulée "1000 ways to die".

Et sinon après des rumeurs douteuses venant de Corp Robinson, c'est bel et bien finit entre Sweet Sugar Slam et Violent J! :0

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MessageSujet: Re: Some Freshness...   Dim 3 Avr - 11:04

Oui un amis Américain sur Facebook en a parlé , nous on a juste a attendre la diffusion de l'épisode :/
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MessageSujet: Re: Some Freshness...   Mar 5 Avr - 21:10

Message de Violent J sur

Citation :
A Message from Violent J:

April 6th JCW Presents:
Lights… Camera… Bash ‘Em & Beyond!

I Wanted to take this lil’ moment in time to tell y’all about what we got brewin’ up… Something we’ve been working on puttin’ together for a long time now. I’m talkin’ about Internet Pay-Per-View! This is Psychopathic’s newest and freshest tactic. Think about it for a minute… The word “Pay” in “Internet Pay-Per-View” might make this sound like some kind of money making scam but the reality is that it cost money to pull this whole thing off and we’re charging the cheapest, minimal amount to make this freshness happen. The real reason we want to do this is so that the whole Juggalo world can finally witness some of our coolest shit up close and personal if they want, as we transmit straight into your homes without being censored.

Think about all the cool ass shit that jumps off at Psychopathic Records throughout the year… All the exclusive after parties, the extra special concert events, the Hallowickeds, the Odd Ball Bonanzas, the Big Baller Christmas Parties, The Hatchet Attacks Super Shows and of course the many happenings at the Gatherings! With our new Internet Pay-Per-View website (, and our kick ass Hatchet camera crew (Kuma, Bob, Eric and Eric 2), ninjas all over the dirt ball can now peep all of our exclusive events right from there very own home computers, iPhones, iPads or whatever! Think about how awesome this shit actually can be! In my opinion it’s really too good to be true for ninjas sick of missing out because of where they live. While there’s nothing as fresh as being at these events live in person, at least with IPPV, you can now witness it and not miss a damn thing. This is a far better way to see and hear the magic rather than miss out on it completely if I don’t say so my dizzamn self.

JCW is the first up to bat with this new venture, That’s right ninjaloos. Allow me to explain… JCDub is finally ready to premier our very own bi-weekly internet TV show! That’s really what this is… Like WWE’s Raw or TNA’s Impact, we now present our very own underground version of live JCW action every two weeks. Transmitting from Detroit murderous and other selective locations as we go, we will be bringing you hard hitting, wig splitting Juggalo wrestling action LIVE and DIRECT, wicked clown style! See this shit as it goes down L-I-V-E! That’s the key word here mu fakos, “LIVE”! Seeing it all go down live to me makes all the difference in the world. Many of you have seen JCW action before in venues across the country, or on DVD, but you’ve never seen JCW like this. By doing a live show every other week, we can finally showcase our story lines and get our crazy characters over the way we’ve always wanted to. By coming at Juggalos around the world every 2 weeks, we can tell the stories and build up super sagas the way we’ve always dreamed about! This is really super exiting for Shaggy and myself along with JCW bookers KG Kevin Gill, Corporal Robinson and 2 Tuff Tony. Our JCW crew has waited for this opportunity forever and a day, and now thanks to IPPV we get to finally pull this shit off, without a fat TV deal. Just like the Hatchet invades the music world, we now invade the wrestling world, once again by kicking’ in the back doors!

We are mad geeked about this whole prospect. When we’re not working hard in the studio or planning out our musical moves, which we will admit comes first for us, we’re having a blast putting flavor together for JCW. As life long wrestling fans we flat out love this shit. We try to come up with freshness we know nobody has ever seen before. Just like with our music, we strive to be original and we seriously are proud of the characters and story lines we have come up with thus far. With major help from KG and Corporal Robinson, who work for JCW on a full time basis, we know were ready to bring the action for y’all.

In wrestling, it takes a while to build up certain characters and to get angles and story lines to where people will actually give a fuck about them. This new bi-Weekly IPPV show gives us that opportunity and then some! We’re proud, we’re excited and we’re ready to show our shit off for ninjas who love wrestling and we’re dedicated to winning over the ninjas who don’t. That’s my word, nerd.

Right now I can’t even front, we’re still learning this whole IPPV craft. Psychopathic does everything ourselves hands on, so our production is currently kind of ass compared to WWE and TNA, but you will be able to watch us improve, grow and get better each and every show. We’re underground yes, we don’t have the huge production trucks and the 22 man camera crews, but we do have the best, hungry wrestlers in the game. We have the greatest imaginations possible to do this, and we have that bomb ass Juggalo drive behind us. This new IPPV show is our chance to grow and we got plenty of that Juggalo luv fueling our engines bitch! Get out the way haters!

The one and only Shaggy 2 Dope and KG Kevin Gill provide the home viewing audience with awesome, on the spot, play by play commentary and every show features the Hatchet’s own DJ Clay on the wheels of steel keepin’ shit hype and energetic all night long. Plus on every show we feature a special, live music set from underground giants including the entire Psychopathic Records family.

We’ve been running JCW shows at the Modern Exchange in Southgate, Mi. for the last 3 months as we’ve been fine tuning our craft, building our characters and formulating our fresh story lines. We feel we are now ready to turn our cameras on. We’re ready to show the ninjas and ninjettes across the planet what we’ve been cookin’ up in that byatch.

On April 6th at our first IPPV show called “Lights… Camera… Bash ‘Em”, we open the doors and let the world into the Modern Exchange. Our first show features a live performance from Twiztid! We’re pullin’ out some major guns for our first IPPV and only gettin’ better from there. Every 2 weeks we’ll be bringing our best and we’re asking you ninjas to join us each and every time! Be there from the start and join us on this adventure where ever it may lead. Lets do the damn thing ninjas.. Together!

To learn more about JCW and what we’re bringin’ to the table check out the brand new’s full of all kinds of good shit to dig into and explore! See you ringside!

Also the Tuesday night before each and every IPPV show check out myself along with Corp, 2 Tuff Tony, KG and our many special guests on “The Main Event” which is our wrestling talk radio show on 9:00pm until 1:00am EST. The shit is straight up stoopid fun! Thanks for reading! MMFCL

Violent J aka The Duke of the Wicked aka The Commish of JCW
(The Only Commish in all of wrestling with an AXE!)

Check out


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MessageSujet: Re: Some Freshness...   

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Some Freshness...
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